Palota Gardens

פוטנציאל תשואה אדיר בבודפשט. בנייה ירוקה במחירי פריסייל

Detailed information

Budapest XV. district, Külső Fóti street 2/10.

Project description

Palota Liget will be a real gem of the new part of the city being built along the Szilas stream. Built on the northern outskirts of the Buda Hills and the Pilis, a panoramic flat area, the investment makes it an ideal home for all those who would change their lifestyle in the city center or around Pest.

The 18,619 m2 plot is in the 15. district, Rákospalota – Újfalu, which was an agricultural area. The municipality recently rezoned it to buildable plots in December 2021. 
Surrounding streets: Régi Fóti street, Mogyoród street, Felsőkert street. We plan mostly residential areas, green areas, parks, forest lines, roads and family facilities. Around 165 apartments will be built in the area. We are about to built 14 individual buildings.

Each building will have solar panels and electric car charger station.
Palace Gardens will be built in few terms. In each term we plan to build around 12-24 apartments. Roads, sidewalks, car parks and green areas will be built within the terms.

Budapest XV. district, Külső Fóti street 2/10.

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