Limetree Residence

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Budapest 1074, Hársfa street 18.

Project description

Our Lime Tree Residence project combines one of the fantastic masterpieces of the past with the dynamic architecture of today’s world. With our designers, we strived to take advantage of all the good features of the existing condominium to raise it back to a prominent place in the list of condominiums in the city center of Budapest.

We are building a total of 18 apartments, each carefully designed to make the owner feel at home from the first moment.
The apartments will be built on two new floors and all parts of the condominium will be completely renovated.
We plan to implement one of the outstanding projects in the area with this development.
During the planning process, we made sure that the environmentally friendly construction methods, which are very important to all of us, come to the fore.
The new roof was designed to be green, planted with grass to bring fresh freshness to downtown.<br
Our goal is for the current and future residents of the condominium to forget about the everyday life full of work when they return home in a renewed environment.



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