Paradiso Residence, Pomáz

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2013 Pomáz, Huszár u. 21

Project description

Location – Picturesque surroundings

Paradiso Residential Park is located in Pomáz, 4.5 km from the capital. Pomáz is located in the mountains of the Danube Bend, at the confluence of the Pilis and the plains. The small town, bordered on three sides by a nature reserve, is one of the most charming settlements in the Budapest agglomeration, which, due to its picturesque landscape, provides an ideal environment for your future home. Due to its excellent infrastructure, both public transport and car users can easily reach the surrounding towns as well as the capital.

Paradiso – Where golden life awaits

When designing Paradiso Residential Park, we dreamed of homes that provide optimal and practical living space for future residents. We have not lost sight of the fact that families will live their everyday lives in the flats. Built in an idyllic setting surrounded by the Buda Hills, the Mediterranean housing complex offers the harmony of nature, living spaces that meet modern architectural standards, and fast and convenient transport. Outstanding quality of life, a balanced environment where golden life awaits.

This is Paradiso Residential Park.



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